We are pleased that during this 50th anniversary year since the passage of the Voting Rights Act and the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, another landmark action to promote social justice has been taken. Today the Supreme Court released its decision on King v. Burwell, the case that considered whether those who live in states which operate under the federal health insurance marketplace would continue to receive subsidies.

The Court affirmed 6-3 that the these subsidies are lawful. Because Virginia participates in the federal marketplace, 286,000 Virginians who depend on those subsidies in order to pay their premiums every month can continue to receive the care that they need to stay healthy. The ruling confirms what we have known all along – the law was designed to provide a tax credit to any American who qualifies, regardless of the type of Marketplace they use.

We must now all turn our attention to the 400,000 Virginians who do not have access to affordable health insurance.