The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is helping Virginians get the quality health care they need, and consumers may still be able to sign up! Though the open enrollment deadline for all private plans ended on March 31, some people may still be eligible to enroll for health insurance before the next open enrollment period starts on November 15 2014.

Thanks to the ACA, more Virginians now have access to quality, affordable health care—many of them for the first time ever. In an unexpected event – if they get sick or need to switch jobs – they don’t have to worry about their health plan. They know they’re covered.

The ACA has made coverage more comprehensive. Health plans now cover preventive care, doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, maternity care, mental health care and much more. To make sure as many people benefit from the ACA as soon as possible, find out if you are able to enroll past March 31. 

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